Tree removal is the process of removing trees that have grown to be too large to maintain on the property. Most tree care specialists are licensed and insured to remove trees and shrubs on the land. These professionals are often called arborists but are not always. Tree removal is a service offered by companies specializing in the business.

Tree removal is usually the only service that can be hired by homeowners. Tree removal is primarily done by arborists trained in arboriculture techniques including pruning, trimming and felling/thinning/scorching/dying of existing trees. Greenway, driveway, park and yard woody vegetation are also in the forefront of interest for the tree removal industry. In general, if trees are overgrown, they must be removed in order for their root ball (the part of the tree that supports the roots) to grow back into the soil.

In many cases, tree removal is required because of code violations. Sometimes trees need to be trimmed in order to make the landscape safe or because of safety concerns. Other times, trees are planted around swimming pool areas, playgrounds, fire pits, etc., that cause harm to children and pets. If the trees were cut down to clear away debris or dirt from the ground, it is possible that the children could accidentally get themselves hurt or fall into the pool.

Once a contractor has been hired, a tree removal specialist will arrive to inspect the property and determine what can and cannot be done. This includes determining what type of material (such as asphalt) must be used for footpaths. A professional will also evaluate whether or not the property can withstand the weather. All new tree growth must be removed before any new growth can take place. The tree removal specialist may choose to trim the existing tree, use wire to cut the tree, or simply remove it from the property and replant on the new site.

The tree removal specialist will work with the homeowner to determine exactly how to proceed. Depending on the size of the property, some areas may require more than one tree to be removed. The tree removal specialist may decide to take the trees away completely or they may choose to chop them down and leave the stump where it is. In some cases, the stump may need to be moved to another location, possibly in an area where it will receive proper soil and fertilizer.

When the time comes to do the actual tree removal, the specialist will bring a truck equipped with equipment to help cut up and remove the tree. Depending on the type of tree that needs to be removed, the removal may be done manually or by using the appropriate tools. Trees that have grown to be too large to remove on their own may need to be felled and buried. When the job is complete, the removal specialist will usually remove the stump, bury it and then cover the hole with a layer of soil.