Parlade Schaefer Schortz CPAs PA offer comprehensive services to associations of all sizes. Whether you are a small regional, national, or international association, we can tailor a service and creative ideas to meet your needs. Our nationally recognized and award-winning designers and engineers can create custom designs for your meetings, training sessions, conventions, or seminars. We can also conduct audits and complete reports.

The unique combination of technical expertise combined with creativity is our specialty. Our designers have over 40 years of experience designing a variety of projects ranging from individual boardrooms to large-scale conferences and workshops. In addition, our professional engineers have created projects for insurance providers, manufacturers, government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals, nursing homes, and law firms. We can also design a one-time or recurring installation of VoIP equipment for your organization.

Most importantly, we can help you achieve maximum productivity with minimal expense. Our advanced technologies, like Simpler Presentations (SP), enable you to present your materials in a more efficient and effective manner that drives results. For example, SP creates an “on the spot” video telecast of your keynotes and bulletins at any time throughout the meeting. With the power of On-The-Spot technology, no rewinding is necessary!

A major advantage of using Simpler Presentations is that it eliminates the problems associated with traditional slide presentations. Slide transitions are often slow and awkward. They also require multiple copies and a DVD copy. SP eliminates all these issues. In addition, because we provide pre-designed templates, your presentation can be printed directly from our system. This saves a lot of time and expense and ensures that you always have a high-quality presentation.

If you are wondering what is so great about the Simpler Presentation? It is easy! Once you have completed your presentation, simply click on the video icon and your presentation will be posted on the Internet for anyone to view. You can even share it on social media sites or email it to others.

So, what is the hold up? Creating a custom printed poster isn’t difficult. It’s simply a matter of knowing what your needs are and providing us with those needs. Are you needing a high-end, full colour image? Then let us help you! Are you looking to communicate a significant amount of information quickly and easily? We can help you achieve your goals!

Our printing team will work with you and your team to create an original design for you. They will ask you questions to determine if a few design elements are right for you. Once the design has been finalized, the production process begins. This is where the true benefit of using Parlade Schaerberger!

We work with you until the project is completed. After the project is complete, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity. What could be better than receiving a certificate of authenticity that shows that you have been able to create an original and unique presentation in just a matter of hours? That alone should be reason enough to give you the benefit of using Parlade Schaerberger!