Botox is the trade name for the neurotoxin botulinum A toxin. It is administered in injected doses for a variety of medical and cosmetic purposes. Botox can be used to treat severe cases of facial wrinkles, migraines, muscle spasms, excessive sweating, and neck or face spasms. The neurotoxin Botox blocks nerve impulses in your body. Because of that, when it wears off, so does the treatment.

The use of Botox for wrinkles is increasing. It has been approved by the FDA for use in treating facial wrinkles, migraines, and muscle spasms. In the United States alone, Botox is prescribed by doctors for approximately 4 million treatments every year. It has become more common in the cosmetic surgery field because it is FDA approved, which makes it easier to acquire and use as part of your cosmetic surgery procedures. Since Botox cannot be bought over-the-counter, your cosmetic surgeon will be your primary source for obtaining it.

Botox works by blocking nerve impulses in your muscles causing them to relax. Because of that, it does not affect the quality of your skin, as many people believe. Botox is a very safe and reliable product, but you should only get Botox through an experienced and certified cosmetic doctor who will be able to administer it correctly.

Because of the popularity of Botox for wrinkles, many unscrupulous doctors have introduced counterfeit products into the market. They offer the same benefits as Botox, but don’t have the same approval by the FDA. Be careful if you are considering Botox for wrinkles because there are counterfeit products in the market which cannot guarantee the effectiveness. If you are unsure whether a particular brand of Botox for wrinkles is genuine, do not use it. Also, be aware that Botox is not a cure-all for all wrinkles; it only offers a type of remedy for the signs of aging.

If you think Botox for wrinkles is your answer to the cosmetic surgery procedure, choose a reputable doctor. If you want to be treated professionally, choose a dermatologist who specializes in this field of medicine. Look for a doctor with years of experience injecting Botox and performing cosmetic procedures; ask for before and after photos of previous patients.

Get your medical history from the doctor before you agree to go under the knife. Before you decide to undergo cosmetic surgery, always take into consideration your long term goals. Remember, you will be spending a lot of money for your treatment. Do not get yourself involved in something that you do not completely trust. Think of your family’s well being and happiness before getting Botox for wrinkles.