The Cass Freight and Volume Index, otherwise known as the C.F.I., is a statistical index of all shipments of materials by commercial shippers. Shippers report the number, average shipping weight and standard shipping charges for everyishable and non-perishable item they transport to their customers. The index is then calculated based on the information provided. This enables traders and other individuals to track shipments of goods with the state of the economy and any fluctuation in global markets.

Cass Freight Index

The C.F.I. contains passenger and freight information from across the United States. This includes all the states that are considered parts of the continental United States. This allows for easy computation of values as each state’s index is compared to the national average. For instance, a particular shipment of sugar from Florida would have a higher weight compared to a similar shipment from Texas. The calculation is based on the statistical values provided by each state.

The weight of the freight shipped is often determined by the volume and size of the goods being transported. Many goods that are sent across state lines or even country lines can be gauged using the same system as the passenger index. Most states use a scaled down scaled version of the United States Economic Output (OUI) series. The C.F.I. is then compared to this series to get a weighted average of freight costs across all types of goods that are shipped.

The C.F.I. is also based on several other factors besides simply the amount of freight and vehicle types being transported. Other elements used to determine the index include sales tax, insurance rates and transportation productivity. When it comes to the stock prices of goods being delivered, the C.F.I. is often used as a guideline.

Some of the factors that are used to calculate the index include seasonal conditions, including the amount of snow and sunshine that a particular region may receive in a given year. In addition, factors such as population, industry and geographic location are considered as well. All these factors have an effect on the freight rates, which are then adjusted depending on seasonal changes. This way, the C.F.I. is able to be used as a guide for the cost of for-hire transportation.

When it comes to the C.F.I., the consumer and business sectors rely on its estimates for the cost of for-hire transportation. In order for freight shipping rates to be able to be accurately determined, several variables need to be studied and monitored closely. The C.F.I. is one of the best tools used in the analysis of stock prices.