The visual social network known for its high popularity rates is also recognized for its surprisingly high engagement rates; and online videos are no different here as they are in other networks. The real challenge however brands face today is how to obtain more Instagram video views for their brand’s marketing efforts. Fortunately, there are already some tested techniques to increase views for your Instagram videos, supported by solid data and case studies from experts in the field. Here are some ideas that you can use:

Instagram video views

Use the right hash tag. Hash tags, which are used in Instagram’s “earch” function, can help you achieve a higher engagement rate for your social media efforts. The more engagement your videos receive, the more viewers will begin to follow you on the social media network, which increases the chances of them being interested in your product or service. As a result, it is wise that you invest time into choosing the right hash tags that can help you obtain the most benefits from using Instagram.

Use Instagram search to find relevant videos. When users search for a product or service on Instagram, they will usually look for Instagram videos that offer information on the brand, product or service they want to know more about. To find the most effective videos, make sure you keep track of your brand’s total number of Instagram followers and take note of the view count of each video, including the keywords used to search for them in Instagram.

Promote sponsored posts. Instagram already allows users to interact with influencers, so it is just natural that you would want to promote your posts related to your brand, product or service. One way to do this is by making sure you have an active Instagram account that has multiple people following it. If the page becomes inactive or has only a few followers, you should not hesitate to make an effort to reactivate it so you can get more exposure for your brand. You can also create sponsored posts in order to get more Instagram video views because these videos will be easier for users to react to than Instagram original content, especially if the sponsored post relates to your target market.

Enhance your profile and images. By providing more information on your business, including images and videos, you will be able to attract more followers. With these images and content, you will be able to provide links to related products or services as well as generate interest from Facebook users who are looking for a solution to a particular problem.

In conclusion, you can gain many benefits from Instagram by optimizing your channel and increasing your Instagram video views and engagement. The more you share and give content away on the popular social media platforms, the more likely consumers are to engage with it. When they do, they are more likely to recommend it to their friends and other contacts, which lead to more exposure for your brand.